The Company has the skills needed to utilize to the maximum the economic, cultural, medicinal and tourism values of the Coconut and the plant as a whole. We have what it takes to harness the enormous potentials that can be derived from the Coconut fruit, It’s shell and husk including the plant. SV Co. Ltd. Is endowed with rich ideas to put its self at the highest standard in the art & crafts industry. Our doors are open to investors who would want to invest into this viable business.


To obtain the maximum benefits of Coconut and the plant.


Sakoi Vision, seeks to contribute to the tourism industry, Non-Traditional Export and Empowering the youth interested in Arts and Crafts in Ghana and Africa at large, with the aim of using the Coconut husk for horticultural manure, the coconut fruit for food, and the coconut shell for ornamental, acoustical and domestic products.


  1. To provide employment for the youth.
  2. To provide support to the poor and needy in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
  3. To provide formal education and skills development to Ghanaians.
  4. To motivate and help grow the arts and craft industry in Ghana and beyond.
  5. To help establish the rich culture and talents of Ghana to the world.
  6. To help alleviate the unemployment canker/ situation in Ghana and the rest of Africa.
  7. To provide and educate, Ghanaians and Africans as a whole with healthy consumables and eco-friendly products.
  8. To publicise the various benefits of the Coconut.

Mr. Samuel A. Wontumi
Visionary Founder & CEO